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DWR Releases Final Guidebook

UPDATE: 11/5/12  FInal Guidebook Available


DWR has released its final version of their guidebook.  A copy of this final version can be downloaded here.


Please note that the Guidebook template follows the 10826 SBx7-7 Compliance Path.  Suppliers also can submit their AWMC AB3616 Plans (Sec 10827), USBR Conservation Plans (Sec 10828) or Regional Water Managment Plans (10829) that include the identified additional documents to comply with SBx7-7.


UPDATE: 11/6/12  DWR Publishes Errata Sheet.  A copy of the DWR errata sheet can be found here.  (As of 11/15/12 errata sheet contains no critical changes for suppliers)


Previous versions of the guidebook can be reviewed here.


A copy of the draft guidebook WMP template is available to print here.






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