Council Votes to Dissolve

Agricultural Water Management Council members at their meeting on Wednesday March 13, 2013 in Sacramento voted unanimously to dissolve the organization. The decision came after several months of lengthy discussions and an indication that most water suppliers would be following the water management planning guidelines contained in SBx7-7.


Attending the meeting representatives from Group One Water Suppliers and Group Two Environmental Interest Groups came together to conclude the joint effort after nearly nineteen years. The Agricultural Water Management Council was originally formed to promote voluntary water management planning processes and the implementation of efficient water management practices, activities now largely replaced in California by the agricultural water management provisions of the Water Conservation Act of 2009.

Also joining the meeting were DWR representatives Kamyar Guivetchi and Manucher Alemi who voiced an interest in maintaining a positive relationship with the agricultural water supplier community. They also expressed a desire to continue to make available AWMC software tools available that had been developed by the Council under contract with DWR. Work is already underway to ensure that Federal Contractor water suppliers who use the popular Annual Updates software to expedite their compliance will be able to continue using that software uninterrupted. AWMC Executive Director Mike Wade, who also serves as the executive director for the California Farm Water Coalition, said that CFWC would be devoting staff resources to assist water suppliers in the water management planning process and serve as a liaison between water suppliers and government agencies at public meetings.


Near the close of the meeting Richard Roos-Collins, who had been co-chair of the Council along with Roger Reynolds, for the Council's 19 years said he was reluctant to see the Council dissolve but he note that he recognized that it was time to move on. He thanked the staff for their efforts and also both Group 1 (agricultural) and Group 2 (environmental) members for their dedication to the process. Co-chair Roger Reynolds echoed Roos-Collins' comments, thanking all those who had been involved over the years for their participation and support.


In a recent memo Reynolds said on behalf of the AWMC Board of Directors, "The Council established a water management plan peer review process and developed the comprehensive list of Efficient Water Management Practices which provided the bases for the new State requirements under SBx7-7. These successes confirm this voluntary effort was effective in moving water management forward in California.