Attachment F: Non-Implemented EWMPs Report and Documentation


Do I need to provide the Non-Implemented EWMPs Report and Documentation attachment?


All water suppliers must provided this report, regardless of planning method.

Report on Non-implemented EWMPs


What must the report on non-implemented EWMPs include?



SBx7-7 requires water suppliers to include in their plans a report consisting of four parts:


           Identify which EWMPS have been implemented and are planned to be implemented.

           An estimate of water use efficiency improvements that have occured since the last report.

           An estimate of the water use efficiency improvments estimated to occur five and 10 years in the


           Information documenting the determination that an EWMP is not locally cost effective or technically



The Department of Water Resources has developed a form for use expediting this reporting process.  Click here for a link to the EWMP implemention report form developed by DWR.



What EWMPs are not mandatory?

       All but two EWMPs in SBx7-7 are subject to water supplier evaluation before their implementation or planned implementation.  These EWMPs are only required if they are determined by the supplier to be locally cost effective and technically feasible. For more information on the Council's Net Benefit Analysis (NBA), which may assist water suppliers in determining local cost effectiveness, and technical feasibility, please see the MOU attachment E, or click here for NBA assistance.