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Looking for information on AB1404- Aggregated Farm Gate Measurement Reporting?


Water suppliers servicing more than 2,000 acres or delivering more than 2,000 acre-feet of water must now submit to the Department of Water Resources a report on their aggregated farmgate deliveries (A copy of the report form provided by DWR is available here).  Suppliers between 2,000 and 25,000 acres must measure these deliveries using best professional practices.  Suppliers servicing irrigated acreage greater than 25,000 acres must measure in accordance with the measurement regulation available here.



Looking for more information on implementing agricultural water measurement as an EWMP?


Language of SBx7-7 Statute 10608.48(b)1

   (Referencing CWC 531.10)


Looking for technical information on water measurement?  Some resources exist for water suppliers looking to engage in this efficient water management practice.



Water Measurement Manual - USBR Technical Publication

AWMC Water Measurement, More Information - Information gathered by the AWMC on water measurement.

State of California Agricultural Water Measurement Regulation - Part of the SBx7-7 process