About SBx7-7


What do Council Members need to do to comply with SBx7-7?  

For an outline of the additional materials required by DWR to comply with SBx7-7 for suppliers submitting USBR CVPIA or RRA plans, as well as those looking to update their existing AWMC MOU plan click here. 



Looking for information on SBx7-7 (Water Conservation Act of 2009)?  Check out the links below, or call us at the Council office.


More about:

Important Dates for Water Suppliers to consider in long-term WMP development
Next Steps- What to do after you've finished drafting your Plan

Locally Cost Effective and Technically Feasible - Determining EWMP Implementation Requirements

EWMP Implementation



More about SBx7-7 DWR Tasks (A1, A2, Etc.)


Source Material:

Water Management Planning Guidebook Final Draft

Measurement Regulation

Aggregate Farm Gate Delivery Reporting (Formerly AB1404) Form (PDF)

Aggregate Farm Gate Delivery Reporting (Formerly AB1404) Form (XLS)